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Barrisol Lumiere

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Barrisol Lumiere

The system Barrisol Lumière (light) brings a bright ceiling to you for enlightens whole or a part of your rooms. Thanks to its unique texture, the ceiling Barrisol Lumière allows the uniform diffusion of the light source placed behind.

The Barrisol Lumière can also be acoustic, perforated and printed.
The Barrisol Lumière sheet are stretched on Barrisol Star profiles.

Lighting systems are installed in the upper part of the ceiling:

  • Tubes
  • Leds
  • Fiber Optics


Barrisol Lumière finds particularly well its place in the public places such as the museums, the bars, the discotheques or in demonstrations: living rooms, fairs, processions, exhibitions, etc

Barrisol Lumière can be used in chromotherapy with soft variations of colors and in luminotherapy with seizing effects of day light.

transparent 300x149 - Barrisol Lumiere

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