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Barrisol Creadesign strech ceilings


Walls, ceilings, furniture, luminaries, the BarrisolCreadesign stretch ceiling line will design all your interior.
The quality patterns bring personality and heat to the environment of your house.


The harmonious and design result of our Creadesign ceiling gives to each space a unique design.

Flocking is a process which consists to apply a partial brushed suede pattern on a translucent Barrisol sheet. The result is unique: this process presents a soft and hairy aspect, with a 3D effect.


Usage Interior
Composition 100% recyclable
Partialfloquingcomposition Daim
Fire B-S2, d0
Weight / m² ≈ 300 g
Thickness from 0,17mm to 0,36mm depends on pattern
Sizeofthewidth 1,40 m






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